Blasphemous (2019)

After an incredibly popular Kickstarter campaign (Raising $333k – 666% of the initial goal) Blasphemous became the most successful crowdfunded project for a game in Spain. Having returned from Germany after the Dead Island 2 fiasco and coinciding with the convenient fact that The Game Kitchen team was looking for an additional game designer for Blasphemous, I joined their company in July 2017.

When I joined, Blasphemous featured a bunch of pretty basic but solid set of traversal movements and combat mechanics, but with no purpose whatsoever. My job was to give everything a meaning, make exploration and combat fun and engaging, define the level design guidelines and create an interesting and coherent number of interconnected non-linears levels.

Blasphemous was released on September 10th 2019 and it has sold over two and a half copies worldwide.


On August 4th 2020, Blasphemous first DLC “The Stir of Dawn” was released. It featured an original New Game + mode, new quests, bosses, fixed many balancing issues and added new areas to explore.


On February 18th 2021, Blasphemous second DLC “Strife & Ruin” was released in collaboration with ArtPlay, creators of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, directed by Koji Igarashi. This DLC’s theme revolved around the concept of “challenges”. It added 5 unique platforming challenges related to Miriam’s questline, a new Boss Rush mode and a hidden retro area.


On December 9th 2021, Blasphemous’ third and last free update “Wounds of Eventide” was released. It features a whole new quest embedded in the main adventure that changes the fate of The Penitent One and leads to the events of the upcoming sequel of Blasphemous, planned for 2023. This update also included 3 new bosses (Two of them in collaboration with Blasphemous’ backers), new characters, a new Boss Rush course, several quality of life improvements and a new canon ending.