Blasphemous II (2023)

On August 27th 2021, the Blasphemous sequel was teased following an animated trailer announcing the last free update for Blasphemous.

In this sequel I was finally promoted to LEAD LEVEL DESIGNER, a position I had been seeking for quite some time. Although my team was quite small, I decided to take a proactive role during production, managing not only my department but also helping out my production colleagues sorting out way too many eventualities. I can finally say that this effort paid off! I’m especially proud of how well the world map interconnects, how solid the progression is and how rewarding the backtracking feels. It was great to see sites like GAMESRADAR noticing our effort and talking about it!

Blasphemous II was released on August 24th during Gamescom 2023. It managed to somehow stand out during its launch week between titans like Armored Core VII or Baldur’s Gate 3.

The game was released with high praise, incredible reviews and this time, not that many game breaking bugs! 😅