My top 13 secret but public facts

  1. I never went to college. I decided that it was not going to be useful for me if I intended to become a Game/Level Designer. I’m a self-taught person.
    So, yeah… I kinda love commiting mistakes. Best way to learn!
  2. My favourite franchises are Half-Life, Castlevania, Uncharted and Bloody Roar.
  3. I’m a game/console collector! I love retro-stuff! I’ve always been a console guy.
  4. I’m an amateur Spanish voice actor. I’ve dubbed an indie game (Unepic) and 4 animated web series officially! (Dick Figures, Deep Space 69, Baman Piderman and Super Épico)
  5. I love singing. Karaokes don’t scare me at all.
  6. I co-wrote a book about “La Abadía del Crimen” called OBSEQUIUM, one of the most important productions in Spanish gaming history, along with other 6 authors.
  7. Ages ago, Garry Newman (From Garry’s Mod) wrote a post about my work in his blog!
  8. One of my mods (Blockstorm) was featured in Half-Life 2 For Dummies!
  9. I used to draw a lot, but I haven’t practiced in years. I keep reminding myself this one talent that I wasted.
  10. I hate programming, but I love scripting.
  11. When I was 15, I walked the Camino de Santiago from France’s southern border to Santiago in 1 month for no religious reasons, just for fun. One of the most enriching experiences I’ve ever had!
  12. I’ve already lived in Spain, Ireland, England and Germany, and I don’t discard living somewhere else in the forthcoming years.
  13. I fucking love dogs. I LOVE THEM. ALL OF THEM.