COPS: The Police Experience (2008)

Made during a period of 4 years and switching between different game engines (I joined when they switched to the, back then, recently released Unreal Engine 3), COPS: The Police Experience was Pyro Studio‘s last attempt to repeat the huge success of his most famous franchise: Commandos. Unfortunately, due to a lack of vision, internal problems and constant reiterations, the project was cancelled after almost 4 years seeking for a publisher. However, I pretty much remember this development with love. I met countless highly skilled developers who helped me to get where I am today, and for that, I will never forget how awesome working in this project was.

When I joined the team, I started working as a Jr. Game Designer but soon I started working on Level Design tasks. Most of my work as LD was reflected on the Vertical Slice we created when searching for a publisher (you can watch it below this text). COPS was a third person cover based shooter with a unique risk/reward cover system and a deep “hollywoodesque” narrative pacing based on popular shows such as Prison Break or The Wire.